Diabetic Foot

Foot ulcers are a common complication of poorly controlled diabetes, forming as a result of skin tissue breaking down and exposing the layers underneath. They’re most common under your big toes and the balls of your feet, and they can affect your feet down to the bones.

All people with diabetes can develop foot ulcers and foot pain, but good foot care can help prevent them. Treatment for diabetic foot ulcers and foot pain varies depending on their causes. Discuss any foot pain or discomfort with your doctor to ensure it’s not a serious problem, as infected ulcers can result in amputation if neglected.

Diabetic Foot is one of the most devastating chronic complication of diabetes and is the leading cause of lower limb amputation.

Many Amputations Rough estimates indicate that in India approx. 45,000 leghs are amputated every year

Bad Healing Almost 75% of these amputations are carried out in neuropathic feet with secondary infection, which are potentially preventable

Lack of Medical Care From the 41 million population of diabetic persons in India, 90% do not even see a specialist in their life time.

Insufficient Knowledge Lack of trained professionals in diabetes foot care in India

Diabetic Foot Lab

It is a combination of

Vascular Doppler Recorder

Digital Biothesiometer

Medical Monofilament 10gm

Plantar Pressure Footscan Podiascan and IR non-contact Foot Thermometer.

Main Features:

India’s best all-in-one complete Diabetic Foot Lab

ABI, TBI, Doppler Velocity Waveform, VPT, Plantar Pressure and Foot Temperature

Our Experts

Dr. Arun Jain

Dr. Arun Jain



MBBS from Government Medical College, Patiala

MS Ortho from Government Medical College, Patiala


Fellowship in Rheumatoid Arthritis from John Hopkins, USA